A lover of all things creative and orderly, Sarah Oyungu marries her expertise as a communicator and marketer, digital media strategist, and brand advocate, to deliver programs, campaigns, events and initiatives that increase market and mind share, build customer buy-in, generate revenue, and fulfill organizational goals.   An effective leader, working  with corporations, individuals, startups, and nonprofits in the US, across Africa, India, and the Middle East, she leverages her extensive experience in turning abstract ideas into concrete realities.

Building on her understanding of consumer segments, their priorities, and relevant trends and data insights, she develops effective through-the-line strategies, building strong customer value propositions that lead to target audience action, stakeholder engagement, solid partner relations, funding, and resource allocation.  On her client’s behalf she deploys data-driven communication and engagement campaigns that build the organizational voice and brand, promote products and ideas, gain positive attention, and turn followers into champions.

Her collaborative approach and big picture perspective enables her to work across business functions to infuse a sense of mission, create teams, and engage leadership. She increases efficiency and capacity by leveraging synergies and developing staff resources.  The result is a more effective operation, and a stronger organizational voice and brand identity that cuts through the noise, gains and retains brand loyalty, and turns followers into champions. In streamlining processes and developing holistic strategies she enables teams to effectively manage new and existing programs, refine and deliver services, and execute major corporate events and conferences. The end result of her work is more efficient infrastructure, increased capacity, the cultivation of relationships that engage new partners, and ultimately, the achievement of desired organizational goals.