Coming from a mobilization background, Sarah has spent most of her career helping a variety of entities and individuals develop, implement and measure programs, communication, and engagement campaigns that draw support for their causes and products.  Her skills lie in the ability to help them clearly define desired outcomes as she works with them to customize and execute holistic and strategic strategies based on their capacity and goals.

With experience working with markets in the US, Africa, India and the Middle East, she has a unique cross-cultural perspective that enables her to translate first-world business concepts into developing-world contexts, while maintaining an empathy and understanding of both.

Services offered include:

  • Creative concept ideation
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Through-the-line media strategy
  • Programmatic ad strategy and analytics
  • Content development, curation, seeding and amplification
  • Program and project management
  • Corporate Event management
  • Agency management
  • Stakeholder cultivation and relationship management
  • Team building
  • Process change management
  • Building and managing online communities
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Volunteer management
  • Website development and management